In northern, backwater Dunroan, five travelers of very different walks of life join together as a new, probationary team of mercenaries. Baat, a golden, eagle-like aarakocra with greater fighting skill than his simple demeanor lets on; Khamul, or "Jack" – a towering blue dragonborn paladin of Tanfana, whose blades are not so soft-spoken as he; Kemina, an affable human druid seeking the answer to a wider mystery, but not at the expense of narrower fun; Taelyn, an elven rogue of golden-warm complexion but silver-sharp attention; and Tasi, a tiefling artificer as quiet as he is clever, whose timidity belies his grander aspirations.

There's no telling what these five unlikely companions may undertake, or uncover, but for now, it seems the whole of I'Barra is their oyster.


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