There are many religions and many deities in the world of I'Barra, and each crudely assigned a duo of polarizing qualities that briefly explain that deity's alignment with morality and order. The most commonly known and widely worshipped compose the greater pantheon:

  Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Woden Orizana Anhi
Neutral Tyrcer - Fina & Edelmir
Evil Cailleach Hadros Sire

The lesser pantheon (called "lesser" due its much more limited worship, compared to the greater deities) includes dozens of gods, such as:

  • Bahamut; long-dead dragon-god, (good) patron of dragonborn
  • Basco; god of accidents, chance, and luck
  • Brogio; god of eloquence and poetry
  • Chelodis; gatekeeper of death (the passing of the soul)
  • Delling; god of the dawn, and healing
  • Ermoth; twisted patron god of orcs
  • Gy'aba; the wild crone goddess of sacrifice and rebirth
  • Hemedais; the twin deities of time, change, and the moon
  • Hoth; the blind god of crafting and skill
  • Kubelar; the serpent-god of fate, endings, and oaths
  • Gitche Manitou; traditional patron god of dwarves
  • Girrikin; traditional patron of gnomes
  • Illiraen; traditional patron goddess of elves
  • Nott; goddess of the night
  • Ortessa; goddess of the land, earth, and manual labor
  • Pamol; bird-god of storms, thunder, wind, and mountains
  • Raja; goddess of the day
  • Tanfana; dragon-goddess of the sea and waters, healing and hunting
  • Tiamat; long-dead dragon-god, (evil) patron of dragonborn
  • Venses; god of battle, glory, and protection
  • Xun; god of deception and illusions
  • Yondalla; traditional patron goddess of halflings
  • Zoraida; deity of joy, purity, love, and fertility


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