Demonym: Dunar [DUH-nahr]
Capital: Jesser
Renowned for: History of international affairs/political dominance, strong military, longstanding stability and prosperity
Common Races: Humans, Dwarves, Halflings, Elves; (in the mtns) Dragonborn, Goliaths, Shifters

Between the immense mountain ranges of Kirhamh, there is a large and fertile valley where the country of Dunroan resides. Possibly the oldest established nation on Kirhamh, Dunroan is varied and sprawling, with rural and mining populations creeping up the lesser mountains, and proud, populous cities dotting the river intersections of the valley. Though not technically a seat of any “empiric” power, Dunroan is widely considered the central governing force in Kirhamh. The other countries don’t necessarily answer to the Dunar royal family, but, they are undoubtedly listened to and watched. Everyone either likes them or grudgingly defers to/respects them… because you want the Dunar military as your ally, not to be on its receiving end. 

Increasingly throughout history, the armies of Dunroan (particularly the King’s Own knights) have become the stuff of household tales. Their combat effectiveness has even become an item of commerce; creating guilds of guardsmen for hire to assist merchants, caravans, etc safe travel through the mountains, The Wildlands, and Girivian marshes.

Dunroan also “owns” and manages the passes through the Greats, and consequently has the power to dictate cross-continental commerce. They are also the ones who unofficially/officially crack down on raiding/illegal-or-dangerous activity in Kirhamh, as well as enforce all international treaties, answer calls for help with monsters and others threats (especially threats of dissidence or war) — essentially acting as the “big brother” of Kirhamh. (Whether they are wanted or not.)


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