Levant Mountains

Essentially splitting Kirhamh in half is a mountain range of incredible height called the Levants. Itself twinned like a wishbone toward west and east, with a valley nestled between, the Levant Mountains have a "Greater" and a "Lesser" half. 

The Greats

A harsh landscape, the mountain faces of the Greater Levants are little more than a frigid stone arena for monsters, beasts, orcs, and goliaths to fight in and prove their mettle — and for hapless travelers to die on. Many, many rumors and myths abound about these un-scalable, barely traversable mountains, and why they're perpetually wreathed in clouds.

Much like the well-known danger of the Wildlands, travel through the Greater Levants is a highly seasonal and careful affair. There are only three official, named, and well-maintained passes through the mountain range where you can be almost certain of safe passage. There are other ways, of course, but you run a great many risks for the possible reward of bypassing tolls and shaving travel time.

The Less

The Lesser Levants are shorter mountains by half, and with smaller spread. These peaks are far easier, in comparison, to hike over and through, with a lesser risk of monster/beast/raider attack. This is mostly thanks to the rural villages built here-and-there on the steppes and the patrols and protection of the Dunar military.

Levant Mountains

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